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  1. Choosing an E-commerce Web Design Company

    Got a great new idea for an online store? Maybe you have creative skills making jewelry, or funny t-shirts.  But who will help you build your online store? There are so many E-commerce Web Design Companies to choose from. As you search online and find tons of Web Design companies all over the world who promise you super cheap prices and whose work seems just as cheap, you start to become overwhelmed and may even be discouraged from starting your...
  2. Check Out Our Exclusive Web Design & Digital Marketing Portfolio!

    Even though each website can use the same basic technologies and encoding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP or MySQL, what a website can do with these and other technologies is as diverse as what an individual company can do. The actual question is – what works best for your business? The most accurate way to respond to this question is to evaluate some of the different kinds of websites.  Frequently, in fact, it may be that you need more than one website.  Why...
  3. Optimization for Video Production?

    Ever try to advertise your website on YouTube but did not get your desired result? This is because simply putting a video advertisement on the Internet is not enough. This is where video production optimization comes in. Video Production Optimization is a method similar to SEO in which a video is made to be at the top of a Google search within certain keywords. The bigger advantage to this over SEO is that many people prefer to watch a video...
  4. How to Rank First on Google

    Do you want your site to be number one when someone searches for something that’s related to your company? Do you want to rank first place and receive a bundle of traffic to you website? Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the way! SEO is not a simple thing; it takes a lot of research and time. For your page to be ranked high with Google, you must have the following on your website. You must have unique data, meaning no plagiarism....
  5. Design Is Important!

    When starting a business you must have a logo and indeed a website, why is that? A logo is a very important aspect of your business because it is the key thing you will use to advertise your company and how you brand yourself. Having a Website is the best way to share information about your company and make it easily accessible. Unfortunately, this world is critical and judges everything for its looks, so to be visually accepted and grab...
  6. Why is Internet Marketing Important For You?

    Why is internet marketing important for your business? What benefits will your business receive by promoting it on the World Wide Web? Hopefully this post will give you some useful information and help you look furthermore into advertising your business. There are a multitude of reasons advertising your business on the internet is very important in this day of age, where people are tech-savvy and consistently browsing the web. First off, the internet is a very convenient and accessible place...
  7. What does “Custom Web Design” really mean?

    What does “Custom Web Design” really mean? Business owners use custom tailored websites to not only make their company look more professional, but to reflect the unique style of your business. The overall presentation of your website reflects on your business. Our team of custom web-designers and developers will work diligently with you to integrate your goals, objectives and personal preferences into a website you can be proud to show your clients! Rank My Web is full-service website-development/SEO company that creates websites...
  8. Do My Back Links Need to be Relevant to My Website?

    When it comes to your website performing well in Google, yahoo and Bing searches, there are many facts to consider.  You’ve probably heard about SEO (search engine optimization) as a method for preparing your website’ and its content elements to be picked up by searches whenever certain keywords are used.  What about links, though?  Have you ever heard about back linking? Back linking simply refers to placing links on other websites that point to yours.  Back links are one of...
  9. Are More SEO Pages Helping My Ranking?

    One of the biggest discussions online today revolves around content and SEO.  Many people wonder how much text on a given page is too much or too little, and if more optimized pages help your rankings.  This short blog post will hopefully answer those questions for you definitively. In order to really take advantage of SEO, be it on-site or off-site, we must understand how search engines like Google work.  Google, yahoo, Bing and all the others are designed to...
  10. A Website is Not One Size Fits All – What Will Work Best for You?

    Although every website may use the same basic technologies and programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP or MySQL, what a website can do with these and other technologies is as varied as what an individual business can do. The real question is – what works best for your business? The best way to answer this question is to review some of the different kinds of websites.  Often, in fact, it may be that you need more than one website. ...