How to Rank First on Google

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Do you want your site to be number one when someone searches for something that’s related to your company? Do you want to rank first place and receive a bundle of traffic to you website? Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the way!

SEO is not a simple thing; it takes a lot of research and time. For your page to be ranked high with Google, you must have the following on your website


You must have unique data, meaning no plagiarism. You will lose points for having the same content as another site. Use must have keywords that show up when people search for that specific your site will most likely be the one that pops up. When using links within your website, they must be relative to what your site is about and the content in which the link is in. Use creative headings and descriptions that aren’t off topic of what you do. Do not duplicate content, it is very easy to duplicate, as it is to tell the same story to someone over and over.

Another thing that will make you rank higher is have a simplistic interface for your website. You must make it easy to navigate around and find certain information. It also has to have a good design, it is a sore to the eye if your website is all jumbled around and doesn’t have a good layout.

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